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Frequently Asked Questions

What is spindy?
A mobile rewards app that gives you real cash back every time you shop at participating local businesses.

How do I get spindy?
Download the app for free in the App Store or Google Play store.

How much does spindy cost?
Spindy is free. No ads, no gimmicks, no joke!

Where can I use spindy?
At participating businesses across the nation.

How does it work?
Unlock a cash reward at a participating business and go shop like you normally would. Then, snap a picture of your receipt and spin the wheel to get your cash reward!

Why do I need to confirm my email address?
To receive cash rewards from spindy, you need to confirm your email address.

How do I confirm my email address?
When you create an account with spindy we send you a confirmation email to your email address. Follow the steps in the email to confirm your email address.

I did not receive a confirmation email. What can I do?
First check your spam or junk email folder for the confirmation email we sent you. If you still can't find it, double check your email address in the spindy app.

Can I change my email address?
Yes, just go to the main menu and tap Profile in spindy.

Do I need to sign in with Facebook or can I create my own account?
Either way works out great! You pick.

Why do I have to put in my bank information?
So we can deposit your cash rewards directly to your checking account each week.

Is it safe to have my banking information in the app?
Yes. Here at spindy we are serious about security and we are not allowed to debit your account for any reason, ever.

I unlocked my reward and completed my purchase. Now what?
In spindy, click "upload receipt" and snap a picture of the receipt from your purchase. Spin the wheel and brace for your cash reward.

Can I upload a receipt that was emailed to me?
No. at this time spindy only accepts receipts that are printed at the point of sale.

Do I win cash every time I play?
Yes, you win a cash reward EVERY time you play!

I don't see any stores when I open the app. why not?
By default stores display based on a 10 mile radius of your location. you can update your location by clicking on the search bar or click on the up arrow to bring up the map view.

How long do I have to upload a receipt for a reward?
Each offer has a unique time to upload a receipt. Be sure to check the "Need to Know" section of the store listing. In addition, after a reward is unlocked a countdown timer will start to remind you how much time you have left!

Is there a minimum purchase required to unlock a reward?
Each offer is unique, be sure to check the "Need to Know" section of the store listing to confirm if a minimum purchase amount is required.

How do I get my cash?
Make sure your user profile includes your bank information. Cash rewards are dispersed automatically every week after your total reward balance exceeds $10.00.

How long will it take for my reward to show up in my bank account?
The cash will be deposited to your bank account in 30 days or less.

Is it safe to enter my bank information?
Yes! The information we ask for is on every check you write. We need this information so we can put cash into your account. It is safe and secure!

What do the reward statuses mean?
Your reward history will show each reward with one of the following statuses:

  • Pending - Your receipt is being reviewed to make sure it is valid.
  • Approved - Your receipt is valid and approved for payment.
  • Declined - Your receipt did not meet the criteria for validation.
  • Paid - Payment to your account was initiated.
  • Payment Pending - Your bank account is missing or your balance hasn't reach $10.00 yet.

My reward was declined. What happened?
Navigate to your rewards section. Click on the reward in question and the reason will be displayed.

Why does my reward show an error?
Make sure your bank information is entered correctly on your profile screen. When your total reward balance reaches $10.00 your rewards will be deposited to your bank account and the status will change to paid.

See the following videos on how to use the search feature: